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Wood touch-ups specializes in antique restoration as well as on-site repairs, custom color matching, high-end painting and finishing.  We work with homeowners, builders and designers creating custom finishes.  


Sometimes, and most often, people like to have the convienience of modern kitchens, but don't want take away from the historic beauty of their homes.  When you put new cabinets in an old home, often the finish stands out against the other woodwork in the home and even the most luxurious kitchens, would look out of place.  Wood Touch-Ups works with many homeowners and contractors to finish cabinets that blend seemlessly with the surrounding woodwork within the rest of their homes. 

And no matter if your home is historic or modern, Wood Touch-Ups will help finish your cabinets to your specifications.  From white to black to natural, we can finish your cabinets with your specifications.  We have experience in antiquing, painting, varnishing, glazing, etc.  If you can invision how you want your cabinets, we can help you achieve it!

Historic or Modern, we do kitchens right!

Custom Color Matching

A good example of our custom color matching services is depicted below.  This was a customer who had utilized our services previously for a custom color finish on their new cabinets.  They called us back when they bought a new refrigerator.   It was taller than the previous one, so she had a carpenter come in and rebuild the space above it.  Like most carpentry work, it was unfinished.  That's where we come in!  Not only can we custom design a finish for you, we also have the ability to match existing finishes.  So if you have an edition to your kitchen or elsewhere in your home and you want your woodwork to blend seamlessly, just give us a call.

Kitchen Repainting

Sometimes, as seen below, you can use your existing cabinets and still achieve a completely new look.  But don't try to do this yourself!  Let someone (like us), that has years of experience tackle this for you.  Painting cabinets to a high quality finish is much more than just putting paint on wood.  Don't learn this the hard way - Give us a call today! 

Repairs and Restoration

Whether it's from fire, water damage, scratches, dings or dents from moving or just normal wear and tear, we have the experience and knowledge to restore your pieces back to their original beauty.

Scratches, Dings, Dents, Fire or Water Damage... We can help!

Some examples of repairs are shown in theses pictures, but we have done and do so much more, so keep us in mind for any of your restoration or woodwork repair needs.

Custom Color
Kitchen Repaint
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